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I Work Hard, So You Can Enjoy Hard

Usability on 1st place

My goal is to provide you a service or product, that will serve You well and will be easily usable for You.

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Fully documented

Whether the technology is new for You or not, You will get a manual and DB with Your passwords from me.

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Reasonable price

We will certainly agree on a price that will suit both parties. Don't be afraid of overpricing.

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Happy clients

I work in the IT niche for more than 23 years, so I can guarantee You, that Your expectations will be met.

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What is the process to make website successful?

To build Your corporate identity like website is long-time process, that starts with proper selection of the easily memorable logo, selection of the niche, examination of Your competitors and applying on-page and off-page factors finaly.


Logo design

Choose a colour, You will use further and keep it. It should be contrast enough, recognizable on different devices.

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Correct niche

Select the niche, You would like to be visible at. Make sure, You are trying to make web visible in suitable pond.  

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Start with SEO check of on-page and off-page factors of Your competitors, technology, domains, content. Who links on them, anchors?

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Check count of competitors found on used search keywords, trends, localities. Do not use too generic Keywords.

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Meta data

Fine-tune Meta data, so they contains  selected Keywords in the description  and also some info from niche.

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Be aware, that web is not about the pictures and URLs, but mostly it is about the content.

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Once You have some content and built web, start making (even Multi-Tier links).

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Do not change URLs

Once search engines recognize your URLs, DO NOT CHANGE its address - it will generate errors.

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Easiest way to build perfect and eye-catching websites

Smart, Curious, Hands On.

Nowadays standards requires something more, than just valid code. These days, websites requires optimization of the resources, so your guests will not be leaving before loading got finished. Also it is required, that web works responzively on devices with various display widths. Invisible text shown aside, will make your visitors leave instead.

Creative Solutions

Provide me some resources, texts, images, videos etc. and I will make your new website living with creativity.

Clean code

Important for page speed is also way, how are resources loaded. These days is not good, if You try to load all resources immediately.

We design brand & digital experience

Awesome content editor

Best Quality

I provide to clients secure, well shown and designed web presentation.


Responsibility is in these days "Must have" feature, otherwise clients leaves.

Processing Speed

I will make a result for You as soon as possible, once sources are provided to me.

Lowest Prices

Valuable result does not have to be expensive at all. Contact me and let's have a chat.

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Clients says:

Plans & Pricing

Best prices with wide additional services or advises, how to follow-up once the site has been built. The price for site webhosting is to be paid by the client annualy on its own.

Tiny site

8.000 CZK

  • Config of Domain/Webhosting
  • Static HTML without CMS
  • DB with passwords used
  • 1 email address
  • Landing page only
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10.000 CZK

All from Tiny site + following items

  • Dynamic website (PHP/MySQL)
  • HTTPS enabled access
  • Drag&drop no-code editor
  • Up to 4 pages
  • CMS Joomla! v.5
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To grove

12.000 CZK

All from Standard + following items

  • ReCaptcha implementation
  • Up to 6 pages
  • Basic on-page SEO
  • Modal pop-up design
  • Design of 404 Page not found
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I value your eventual complaints about my services

My products and knowledges used, simply provides the quality 
of being clear and easily understandable for anyone.


working hours daily




years PC experience


technologies used

About Me

Born in Prague (CZ), and raised in the Hlubočepy district. I've always loved the Information Technology and all related. Therefore the High school with IT related niche was a clear choice for me. I wrote my Final Leaving Examination Project using HTML v.4, with CSS implementation. Since that time, I perform SEO and webdesign for my clients, so their business is more visible, than should it be without Search Engine Optimization made. In my free time, I listen a music a lot, I love speed-walking, and I also create some codes for automation of the tasks needed to perform manually in the word of computers or servers.

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