How to create unique understandable CTA buttons / links?

No matter what is related your website about, your website should use CTA buttons, in order to push your visitors to some activity or action. Such CTA should be for example to follow your website, to write a review of your company, to purchase some goods from you. One of the easiest way how to use CTA is for example to compose unique e-mail signature, where the links to your social networks resides, or the link to GMB (Google My Business) review form is located.

Each time the e-mail message arrives, it is just simple to click to the banner having the CTA statement, and to make a review of your company. Usually, the higher the review is (and their count), better is page is located in search engines.

If you also have a company pages on social networks, recipient can just follow-up and monitor updates. Be aware, that CTA buttons does not have to be purely Order, Call us, Contact us, Blink at us, Save $, Find out, Try, ...

Call To Action (CTA) cheat-list download

Feel free to download PDF file of english Call To Action cheat-list. These are most often being used CTAs, when well formed websites using Call To Action are being created.

SEO CTA available for download