Configure once, use frequently

Why would you need to perform your tasks manually?

Prepare all your resources first, and then use the script for performing the tasks for you hassle free.

Resources required

  • Configured Microsoft Outlook with the emaill address you can use to send a message from.
  • The CSV like formated file with recipients e-mail addresses, the recipient name, and BOOL value, it the attachment will be delivered or not.
  • The file with information about the Maintenance Window (or any other evet, you would like to send the notification about).
  • And finally, the Powershell script, you can use for sending all these info to your recipients.

Please note, in some organizations, because of applied GPO (Group Policy Objects), it is not possible to run the Powershell script files (ps1), therefore it is required to start the Powershell application console, then copy & paste the script into console and run it.